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2018 Reads – Perfume

I made a big mistake when I started reading this book - I started reading it on my lunch break. Here's the thing. Perfume by Patrick Suskind is the story of a murderer, but it's also a book about scents. And I should probably have realized that before I started eating my chicken salad, chewing… Continue reading 2018 Reads – Perfume

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A Review of Cheap Yarn

Those within the fiber art community all know of someone who is referred to, sometimes lovingly but sometimes not, as a yarn snob. A yarn snob is someone who judges your yarn choices, insists on using only the finest pure merino-unicorn hair-silk blend handspun by monks under the third full moon of the year, and… Continue reading A Review of Cheap Yarn

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2018 Reads – The Virgin Cure

History has always been one of my favourite subjects, but surprisingly, I can't say I've read a lot of historical fiction. In addition to that, I've also had a hard time reading the classics. I want to be one of those readers who talk about how much they loved Pride and Prejudice or Dracula or… Continue reading 2018 Reads – The Virgin Cure

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Efficient Gratification: My Favourite Quick Knits

Knitting is a versatile hobby, but I know that one of the things that can make it difficult to get into for beginners is how long certain things can take. Instant gratification is hard to achieve with some projects. Projects like the gigantic corgi blanket I made take months to complete, and I've made more than one… Continue reading Efficient Gratification: My Favourite Quick Knits

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2018 Reads – The Alice Network

I've talked about my book club a few times before, and mentioned in my review of Big Little Lies that my neighbourhood has another book club that I attended to discuss that book. One of my good friends is in the other book club, which read The Alice Network by Kate Quinn. She insisted that we had… Continue reading 2018 Reads – The Alice Network


Why It Took 10 Years To Finish My First Cross Stitch

When I was a teenager, I worked part-time at a local real estate office. One of the perks of working there was that I could do homework, or read, or whatever in between the few duties I had and answering the phone. In a 3 hour shift, I was often finished my work within an… Continue reading Why It Took 10 Years To Finish My First Cross Stitch

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2018 Reads – Girl, Wash Your Face

Remember how I said I forgot to write the review for The Drawing of the Three? Immediately after publishing the review, I realized it was partially because it was listed out of order on my Goodreads page, and I actually finished this book before that one. I also have a lot of ~feels~ about this book,… Continue reading 2018 Reads – Girl, Wash Your Face